Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Travel Journey

Kristine XoXoXo 
I'm a lovable girl who loves to travel, and explore what this world has to offer : ) 
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I'm Looking To Make It Around The World : )  

I'm Asking For Anyone To Help
This Has Been My Life Long Dream And I'm Trying To Make It Happen!!

If I Meet Anyone Interesting On The Way And You Live Around My Travel Destinations.
I Would Love To Meet And Maybe Get A Tour Of Your Country :)
Thank You Everyone 
God Bless
My Places Of Interests
 And Many Many More.

Costa Rica

costa rica is a cheap place to travel


vietnam is a cheap place to travel


greece is a cheap place to travel
I'm so excited i can't wait to do this journey

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Thank You So Very Much 

Again Thank You Everyone Who Can Help God Bless!!!!